Traces of drugs were found in the blood of a psychotherapist blogger who died in Moscow

Traces of narcotic drugs were found in the blood of a well-known blogger-psychotherapist Anna Ambartsumyan, who was found dead in a Moscow hotel. A source in law enforcement agencies told the Moscow news Agency about this.

According to the results of tests, experts concluded that the girl took methadone, ketamine, fluoxetine and cocaine. The source also noted that it remains unknown how and at what time she may have had contact with the drug dealer.

On July 24, a friend of the blogger-psychotherapist Larisa Gordyera said that Hambartsumyan “brought trouble upon herself” during her lifetime. “She told me that she pulled off such a “mulka” — faked her death for the sake of PR, and through Instagram watched how people react, ” she explained.

The blogger’s death was announced on July 18. Her body was found in the Peter I hotel on Neglinnaya street in Moscow. Painkillers were also found in the room. The preliminary cause of Hambartsumyan’s death is considered to be an overdose.

The therapist was blogging on Instagram. More than 370,000 people signed up for it. Hambartsumyan called herself a “Queen”, as well as a TV expert and psychic. The blogger became a frequent guest on various TV shows, where she performed as a sexologist.