Two-time Olympic champion admitted to drug addiction

Two-time Olympic champion in cross-country skiing Norwegian Petter Northug admitted to drug addiction. This is reported by Dagbladet.

The athlete said that he began abusing alcohol and drugs after his career ended in December 2018. The skier noted that he first tried cocaine in the winter of 2019 and initially took it only at parties. Over time, Northug began to use the drug much more often.

The Norwegian added that he had “reached the bottom” and asked for help. He expressed readiness to be punished for drug possession.

On August 15, police raided Northug’s home after he was stopped for speeding. Law enforcement officers found about 50 grams of cocaine in his possession. The former athlete will be held under the article, which implies a penalty from a monetary fine to two years in prison.

Northug won both gold medals at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. In addition, he is a 13-time world champion and two-time holder of the unofficial title Of king of skiing. In 2018, at the age of 32, the Norwegian announced his retirement.