The expert assessed data on the transfer of power in North Korea to Kim Jong UN’s sister

South Korean intelligence reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN delegated some of his powers to his closest aides, including his younger sister, Kim Yo-Jong, are absurd. This assessment was made by Professor Kim Dong-EP of Gyeongnam University, RIA Novosti reports.

It is noted that the expert criticized the expression “mandate management”, which allegedly began to pass in North Korea. “The statements of the National intelligence Agency about the transfer of power, stress from the leadership of the country, an attempt to avoid responsibility are simply absurd. ( … ) It is felt that the intelligence service does not know anything about North Korea. As a result, intelligence is still a source of fake news, ” the Professor said.

Kim Ye-Jung added that the new head of South Korea’s intelligence, Park Chi-Won, demonstrated a lack of logic with the report. “It is correct to understand this as the fact that Kim Jong-UN has appointed those responsible for certain areas and assigned roles,” he concluded.

On August 20, South Korean intelligence agencies reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN allegedly delegated some of his powers to his younger sister Kim Yo-Jong to “ease stress”. The national intelligence Agency (NIS) says that the head of North Korea will still “have absolute power”, but will gradually transfer his powers to his younger sister. It was reported that Kim Jong-UN’s sister was given responsibility for the policy towards South Korea and the United States and other common issues.

In April 2020, the leader of the DPRK disappeared from the media, after which there were rumors about the possible death or illness of the politician. Former North Korean Ambassador to London Tae Yong Ho, who fled to South Korea in 2016, said the North Korean leader could not stand up or walk normally on his own. There was information that he was allegedly in a “vegetative state”. In Russia, rumors about the death of Kim Jong-UN were denied. The US called the disappearance of the North Korean leader unusual and prepared for everything. In may, the North Korean leader appeared in public